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SKU Model Description Remarks
3521B003AA  LV-7275  2600 lm, XGA, 3.3 kg  Projectors 
2472B003AB  LV-7365  3000 Im, True XGA, 3.3 kg  Projectors 
3520B003AA  LV-7370  3000 lm, XGA, 3.3 kg  Projectors 
3519B003AA  LV-7375  3500 lm, XGA, 3.3 kg  Projectors 
3518B003AA  LV-8300  3000 lm, WXGA, 3.3kg  Projectors 
9044A003AB  LV-7585  6500 lm, True XGA /UXGA, 13.0kg  Projectors 
1293B003AA  XEED X600  LCOS, 3500 Im, True XGA, 4.7kg  Projectors 
2223B003AA  XEED X700  LCOS, 4000 Im, True XGA, 4.8kg  Projectors 
1292B003AA  XEED SX60  LCOS, 2500 Im, True SXGA+, 4.6kg  Projectors 
2677B003AA  XEED SX80  LCOS, 3000 Im, True SXGA+, 5.2kg  Projectors 
1231B003AA  XEED SX6  LCOS, 3500 Im, True SXGA+, 4.7kg  Projectors 
2224B003AA  XEED SX7  LCOS, 4000 Im, True SXGA+, 4.8kg  Projectors 
3288B003AA  XEED WUX10  LCOS 3200 lm, WUXGA, 5.0 kg  Projectors 
9273A001AA  LV-MI01 Multi Card Imager  Adapter that accepts LV-WNxx card options  Multi Card Imager 
9271A001AA  LV-WN01 Wired LAN Card  For remote projector management  Multi Card Imager 
9272A001AA  LV-WN02 Wireless LAN Card  Requires approval in each country  Multi Card Imager 
9283A001AA  LV-WN03 Compact Flash Card  32MB, Presentations without a PC  Multi Card Imager 
7667A001AA  LV-IL01 Ultra Wide Angle Lens  Basically for rear projection only  Special Projection Lenses 
7668A001AA  LV-IL02 Wide Angle Zoom Lens    Special Projection Lenses 
7669A001AA  LV-IL03 Long Focus Zoom Lens    Special Projection Lenses 
9056A001AA  LV-NI01 Network Imager  Manage or display over LAN  Network Imager 
2012A001AA  LV-LP02  LV-5500/7500  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
2013A001AA  LV-LP03  LV-7300  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
2014A001AA  LV-LP04  LV-7510  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
4638A001AA  LV-LP05  LV-7320/7325  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
4642A001AA  LV-LP06  LV-7525  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
6568A001AA  LV-LP07  LV-5300  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
6986A001AA  LV-LP10  LV-5110/LV-7105  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
7436A001AA  LV-LP11  LV-7340/7345/7350/7355  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
7566A001AA  LV-LP12  LV-S1/X1  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
7670A001AA  LV-LP13  LV-7545  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
8276A001AA  LV-LP14  LV-S2  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
8441A001AA  LV-LP15  LV-X2  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
8814A001AA  LV-LP16  LV-5200  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
9015A001AA  LV-LP17  LV-7555/F  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
9268A001AA  LV-LP18  LV-7210/7215/7220/7225/7230  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
9269A001AA  LV-LP19  LV-5210/5220  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
9431A001AA  LV-LP20  LV-S3  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
9923A001AA  LV-LP21  LV-X4  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
9924A001AA  LV-LP22  LV-7565/7565F  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
0560B001AA  LV-LP23  LV-S4  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
0942B001AA  LV-LP24  LV7240/7245/7255  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
0943B001AA  LV-LP25  LV-X5  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
1297B001AA  LV-LP26  LV-7250/7260/7265  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
1298B001AA  LV-LP27  LV-X6  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
1706B001AA  LV-LP28  LV-7575  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
2542B001AA  LV-LP29  LV-7585  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
2481B001AA  LV-LP30  LV-7365  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
0028B001AA  RS-LP01  XEED SX50  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
1311B001AA  RS-LP02  SX6/X600  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
1312B001AA  RS-LP03  SX60  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
1312B001AA  RS-LP04  SX7/X700  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
2678B001AA  RS-LP05  SX80  Replacement Lamp Assemblies 
7671A001AA  LV-CL07  for LV-7545/7555/7565/F  Ceiling Attachments 
9274A001AA  LV-CL08  for LV-5210/7210/7215/5220/7220/7225/X4  Ceiling Attachments 
9432A001AA  LV-CL09  for LV-S3/S4  Ceiling Attachments 
0031B001AA  RS-CL01  Ceiling Attachment for XEED SX50  Ceiling Attachments 
0151B001AA  RS-CL02  Ceiling Plate for XEED SX50. Used to join the ceiling pipe and the ceiling attachment  Ceiling Attachments 
0152B001AA  RS-CL03  Ceiling Pipe(360mm) for XEED SX50. Used to hang the projector from a high ceiling  Ceiling Attachments 
0153B001AA  RS-CL04  Ceiling Pipe(550mm) for XEED SX50. Used to hang the projector from a high ceiling  Ceiling Attachments 
0154B001AA  RS-CL05  Ceiling Pipe(760mm) for XEED SX50. Used to hang the projector from a high ceiling  Ceiling Attachments 
13088001AA  RS-CL06  SX6/SX60/X600  Ceiling Attachments 
0960B001AA  LV-CL10  Ceiling Attachment for LV-7245/ LV-7240/ LV-X5  Ceiling Attachments 
1299B001AA  LV-CL11  Ceiling Attachment for LV-X6/LV-7250  Ceiling Attachments 
1637B001AA  LV-CL12  Ceiling Attachment for LV-7255  Ceiling Attachments 
2016A001AA  LV-CA02 VGA extension cable  D-sub 15 pin male-female, 10m  Other Accessories 
2017A001AA  LV-CA10 Monitor cable  Projector to Monitor. D-sub 15 pin, male-female, 2.7m  Other Accessories 
7502A001AA  LV-CA29 DVI cable  for all projectors with DVI port  Other Accessories 
2025A001AA  LV-AD02 Adapter for Mac  Mac to VGA adapter. Dsub 15p male - HD 15p female  Other Accessories 
9270A001AA  LV-CA32 Component VGA cable  For LV-S3/S4/5210/7210/7215/X4/5220/7220/7225/7230/X6/7250/7255  Other Accessories 
0561B001AA  LV-CA33 S-Video Conversion Cable  For LV-S4. Converts S-Video (DIN female) to VGA (D-sub male)  Other Accessories 
0562B001AA  LV-RC02 Presentation Remote Control Kit  Controller+Receiver. Mainly for LV-S4  Other Accessories 
0959B001AA  LV-CA34  RS-232C Cable for LV-X6/7250/7255  Other Accessories 
0610B001AA  RS-CA01 RS-232C Cable  for XEED SX50, to use commands  Other Accessories 
1310B002AA  Network Adapter  SX6/SX60/X600/SX50  Other Accessories 

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