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SKU Model Description Categories
KX-FT982ML  KX-FT982ML  15 sec ,10 page ADF,28 page memory  THERMAL PAPER  
KX-FT983ML  KX-FT983ML  15 sec,10 page ADF,28 page memory with auto cutter  THERMAL PAPER  
KX-FP228ML  KX-FP228ML  15 sec,10 sheets ADF,28 page memory, 20 sheets cassette, 30m inkfilm  THERMAL TRANSFER PLAIN PAPER 
KX-FP701ML  KX-FP701ML  12 sec,10 sheets ADF,28 page;memory, 50 sheets cassette, 70m inkfilm   THERMAL TRANSFER PLAIN PAPER  
KX-FL403ML  KX-FL403ML  8 sec, 15 pages ADF,40 pages memory;200 sheets cassette, Tel & Fax;  BASIC LASER PLAIN PAPER  
KX-FP207ML  KX-FP207ML  12 sec, 10 page ADF, 28 page memory ;20 sheets cassette, 30m inkfilm  THERMAL TRANSFER PLAIN PAPER  
KX-FL613ML  KX-FL613ML  8 sec, 15 page ADF,170 pages memory 250 sheets cassette, Tel & Fax   BASIC LASER PLAIN PAPER  
KX-MB772CX  KX-MB772CX  4 sec, 18 ppm printing, 20 pages DF,70 page memory,250 sheets cassette done  FLATBED(5 in 1) LASER PLAIN PAPER WITH COLOUR SCANNING  
KX-FLB803ML  KX-FLB803ML  4 sec, 18 ppm printing, 40 pages ADF,70 page memory,250 sheets cassette  FLATBED(5 in 1) LASER PLAIN PAPER WITH COLOUR SCANNING  
KX-FLB882CX  KX-FLB882CX  4 sec, 21 ppm printing, 40 pages ADF, 630 page memory,250 sheets cassette,Network (up to 6 user)  FLATBED(5 in 1) LASER PLAIN PAPER WITH COLOUR SCANNING  
UF-4100  UF-4100  3 sec, 20 sheets ADF, 240 pages memory, 150 sheets cassette   HIGH SPEED LASER PLAIN PAPER  
UF-6100  UF-6100  3 sec, 30 sheets ADF, 480 pages memory, 250 sheets cassette  HIGH SPEED LASER PLAIN PAPER  

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