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SKU Model Categories
E3100009  Optional Feeder with 500 x 2 Tray  Accessories 
E3100011  500 Sheet Universal Cassette  Accessories 
E3100023  256MB Memory  Accessories 
E3100015  HDD (to be installed on Controller)  Accessories 
E3100019  LZW Option Card  Accessories 
E3100013  Network Extension Kit  Accessories 
E3100017  PostScript Card  Accessories 
EL300651  P3428 / P3435 - 250 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300652  P3428 / P3435 - 32MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300653  P3428 / P3435 - 64MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300654  P3428 / P3435 - 128MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300655  P3428 / P3435 - 256MB Memory  Accessories 
E3300045  DP240A Duplex Module  Accessories 
E3300044  DP340A Duplex Module  Accessories 
E3300046  DP240A/340A Offset Catch Tray  Accessories 
E3300047  DP240A/340A Face Up Tray  Accessories 
E3300048  DP240A/340A A4 Universal 550-sheet Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
E3300049  DP240A/340A Postscript Kit  Accessories 
EL300304  DP205/255/305 Duplex Module  Accessories 
EL300305  DP205/255/305 A3 Universal 250-sheet feeder  Accessories 
EL300306  DP205/255/305 A3 Universal 550-sheet feeder  Accessories 
E3300057  DP205/255/305 Face Up Tray  Accessories 
E3300058  DP255/305 Offset Catch Tray  Accessories 
E3300059  DP205/255/305 Multi Bypass Tray  Accessories 
E3300060  DP205/255/305 Postscript Kit  Accessories 
E3300052  DP240A/340A/205/255/305 Hard Disk  Accessories 
E3300053  DP240A/340A/205/255/305/C525A/C2535A - 128 MB Memory  Accessories 
E3300061  DP240A/340A/205/255/305/C525A/C2535A/C3055DX - 256 MB Memory  Accessories 
097S03776  P4510 - 128MB DIMM Phaser Memory  Accessories 
097S03777  P4510 - 256MB DIMM Phaser Memory  Accessories 
097S03778  P4510 - 16MB Flash Memory DIMM  Accessories 
097S03779  P4510 - 40GB Hard Disk Drive  Accessories 
097S03623  4510B to 4510N Upgrade Kit  Accessories 
097S03625  P4510 - Duplex Module  Accessories 
097S03624  P4510 - 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
097S03764  P4510 - 500 Sheet Stacker with Job Offset  Accessories 
E3300107  DP 2065/3055 - 250 Cassette  Accessories 
E3300108  DP 2065/3055 - 550 Cassete  Accessories 
E3300109  DP 2065/3055 - 250 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
E3300110  DP 2065/3055 - 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
E3300111  DP 2065/3055 - Duplex Unit  Accessories 
E3300116  DP 2065/3055 - Japanese Font Kit (Morisawa)  Accessories 
E3300117  DP 2065/3055 - Japanese Font Kit  Accessories 
E3300121  DP 2065/3055 - Network Expansion Card  Accessories 
EL300586  DP 3055 - Internal Hard Disk  Accessories 
E3300112  DP 2065/3055 - PostScript Software Kit  Accessories 
EL300584  DP 2065/3055 Chinese Font Kit  Accessories 
EL300585  DP 3055 - KR Font Kit  Accessories 
E3300061  DP240A/340A/205/255/305/2065/3055/C525A/C2535A/C3055DX - 256 MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300452  DP2065 / 3055 / C525A / 2535A 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EC100641  C4350 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EC100642  C4350 1650 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EC100643  C4350 High Capacity Tray Module  Accessories 
EC100645  C4350 Internal Hard Disk Unit  Accessories 
EC100648  C4350 Side Tray  Accessories 
EC100651  C4350 Banner Support Tray  Accessories 
EC100652  C4350 Professional Finisher  Accessories 
EC100646  C4350 256MB Memory  Accessories 
EC100647  C4350 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EC100644  C4350 Cabinet  Accessories 
EL300333  C2428 One-Tray Module  Accessories 
EL300334  C2428 Three-Tray Module  Accessories 
EL300335  C2428 Duplex Unit  Accessories 
EL300336  C2428 Face Up Tray  Accessories 
EL300337  C2428 Postscipt Software Kit  Accessories 
EL300338  C2428 Content Bridge Ext. Kit  Accessories 
EL300339  C2428 USB2.0 Kit  Accessories 
EL300340  C2428 Media Print Kit  Accessories 
EL300341  C2428 Hard Disk Drive  Accessories 
EL300342  C2428 Banner Tray  Accessories 
EL300343  C2428 256MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300344  C2428 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300588  C3055DX - 500 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300590  C3055DX - Cabinet  Accessories 
EL300591  C3055DX - Castor  Accessories 
EL300587  C3055DX - Network Ext. Card  Accessories 
097S03382  512MB PHASER MEMORY (1X 512MB ONLY), DDR, 6350, Phaser 7400, Phaser 8500/8550  Accessories 
097S03318  System Cart  Accessories 
097S03319  P8560MFP - 525 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
097S03665  P8560MFP - Scanner / Platen  Accessories 
097S03382  P8560MFP - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
097S03666  P8560MFP - N to D Upgrade  Accessories 
097S03804  P8560MFP - Dual Sided Auto Doc Feeder  Accessories 
097S03822  P8560 - N to DN Upgrade  Accessories 
097S03812  P8560 - Productivity Kit  Accessories 
097S03174  P8560 - 525 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
097S03382  P8560 - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
097S03174  525 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
097S03318  Accessory Cart  Accessories 
097S03403  Productivity kit  Accessories 
097S03380  128MB Memory  Accessories 
097S03381  256MB Memory  Accessories 
097S03628  P7760 - 1500 Sheet High Capacity Feeder  Accessories 
097S03629  P7760 - 2500 Sheet High Capacity Feeder  Accessories 
097S03632  P7760 - Advanced Finisher, 3500 sheets  Accessories 
097S03633  P7760 - Professional Finisher, 2000 sheets, Booklet Maker  Accessories 
097S03634  P7760 - PhaserMatch 4.0 (software)  Accessories 
097S03635  P7760 - 512MB Phaser Memory  Accessories 
097S03791  P6360 - N to DN Upgrade  Accessories 
097S03747  P6360 - Productivity Kit  Accessories 
097S03378  P6360 / 6350 - 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
097S03379  P6360 / 6350 - 1100 Sheet High Capacity Feeder  Accessories 
097S03378  550 SHEET FEEDER, ADJUSTABLE UP TO A4/LEGAL  Accessories 
EL300586  C3055DX - Internal Hard Disk  Accessories 
EL300584  C3055DX - Chinese Font Kit (SC/TC)  Accessories 
E3300061  DP240A/340A/205/255/305/C525A/C2535A/C3055DX - 256 MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300452  C525A/C2535A/C3055DX - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300696  C2255 - 3 Tray Module  Accessories 
EL300697  C2255 - Single Tray Module (STM)  Accessories 
EL300698  C2255 - Duplex Unit  Accessories 
EL300699  C2255 - Cabinet  Accessories 
EL300700  C2255 - Caster  Accessories 
EL300703  C2255 - Parallel if CARD  Accessories 
EL300704  C2255 - Hard disk Unit  Accessories 
EL300702  C2255 - Accessory table  Accessories 
EL300705  C2255 - 256MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300706  C2255 - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300707  C2255 - 1024MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300701  C2255 - Features Enhance Kit  Accessories 
EL300711  C2255 - TC/SC Font Kit  Accessories 
EL300665  C1110 - Network Expansion Card  Accessories 
EL300459  C525A - 250 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300460  C525A - 500 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300461  C525A - Duplex Unit  Accessories 
EL300462  C525A - Network Expansion  Accessories 
EL300447  C2535A - 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300448  C2535A - 1,100 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300449  C2535A - Internal Hard Disk (20GB)  Accessories 
E3300053  DP240A/340A/205/255/305/C525A/C2535A - 128 MB Memory  Accessories 
E3300061  DP240A/340A/205/255/305/C525A/C2535A/C3055DX - 256 MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300452  C525A/C2535A/C3055DX - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300629  C2100 / C3210DX / C2200 / C3300DX - 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300630  C2100 / C2200 - Duplex Unit  Accessories 
EL300631  Network Expansion Card  Accessories 
EL300634  C2100 / C3210DX - 256MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300633  C2100 / C3210DX / C2200 / C3300DX - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300629  C3210DX / C2100 - 550 Sheet Feeder  Accessories 
EL300634  C3210DX / C2100 - 256MB Memory  Accessories 
EL300633  C3210DX / C2100 - 512MB Memory  Accessories 
097S03878  Productivity Kit (include 40GB hard disk)  Accessories 
097S03220  Duplex Module for Two-Sided Printing  Accessories 
097S03716  1,000 Sheet Feeder, 2 Trays , Adjustable to A3 (11x17in)  Accessories 
097S03717  2,000 Sheet Feeder, 1 Tray, Letter/A4 (HCF)  Accessories 
097S03719  3,500-sheet Stacker with job offset  Accessories 
097S03720  3,500 Sheet Finisher with stapler and 2/4 Hole Puncher, Support Up to A3 size  Accessories 
097S03743  256MB DIMM (Phaser Memory)  Accessories 
097S03635  512MB DIMM (Phaser Memory)  Accessories 
097S03880  32MB Flash Memory  Accessories 
097S03716  1,000 Sheet Feeder, 2 Trays, Adjustable To A3 (11x17)  Accessories 
097S03219  2,000 Sheet Feeder, 1 Tray, Letter/A4 (HCF)  Accessories 
097S03220  Duplex Module For Two-Sided Printing  Accessories 
097S03221  3,500 Sheet Stacker, Supports Sizes Up To A3 (11x17)  Accessories 
097S03222  Phaser 5500 B To N Upgrade Kit  Accessories 
097S03225  256MB Phaser Memory  Accessories 
097S03725  Hard Disk Drive  Accessories 
097S03282  3,500 Sheet Finisher With Stapler And 3-Hole Puncher, Supports Sizes Up To A3 (11x17)  Accessories 
097S03720  3,500 Sheet Finisher With Stapler And 2 & 4 Hole Puncher, Supports Sizes Up To A3  Accessories 
109R00733  Replacement Paper Tray, Adjustable To 11x17  Accessories 
45048661  EFI Impose v 2.5 Software  Accessories 
45044137  FACI Enablement Kit (USB Dongle)  Accessories 
45007239  Fiery Advanced Control Interface (FACI): Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse  Accessories 
45035894  FACI Furniture Stand  Accessories 
45033166  EFI Color Profiler V1.5 (ES-1000 spectrometer)  Accessories 
EL 300503  500 Sheet Feeder ( WC 220 / 222/ 228 )  Accessories 
EL 300504  Duplex Unit  Accessories 
EL 300525  PCL/PS3 3 Emulation Kit  Accessories 
EL 300526  Directory Card  Accessories 
E 3100027  256MB Memory  Accessories 
E3100029  550 Sheet Feeder with Cabinet  Accessories 
E3100030  Network Expansion Card  Accessories 
EL300634  256MB Memory ( same as DPC2100 )  Accessories 
EL300633  512MB Memory ( same as DPC2100 )  Accessories 
ES100011  Scanner rack  Accessories 
097S03380  128 MB PHASER MEMORY (1X 128MB), DDR, Phaser 6350, Phaser 7400, Phaser 8500/8550  Accessories 
097S03381  256 MB PHASER MEMORY (1X 256MB ONLY), DDR, 6350, Phaser 7400, Phaser 8500/8550  Accessories 

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