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Double A Paper

Double A sophisticated process in which wastes and by-products such as wood barks, wood chip and black liquor are brought to generate electricity for internal use.

This is what we are proud of - by having a fully integrated resources, we have helped relieve some burdens on the society and environment.


Double A energy-saving production process and outstanding-quality paper that reduces paper jams during copying is thus good choice for both individual and corporate consumers alike with energy and cost consciousness.



Paper's Attributes 7 Advantages

Good Runability

Accurate moisture control throughout the manufacturing process contributes to keep the paper sheets flat during and thus reduces paper jams in the copier


Printing Sharpness

The smooth paper surface allows for good toner transfer, which makes the copy as sharp as original.


Time Saving

Modern rotary cutting machines for sheeting the paper gives sharp cutting edges that do not make the sheets stick together reduce double feeding and paper jams in copier. Thus more work gained with less time used.


Bright Appearance

By using high quality raw material and modern production technology high whiteness appearance of the paper is achieved which give high print contrast to printing.


Prolong Performance of Copier

The sharp cutting edges contribute to low dust content, which together with the smooth paper surface reduces the wear and the need for maintenance of the copier.


Two-Sided Use

The high quality raw materials used for manufacturing give the paper sheet high opacity, which reduces the shine through and thus the first side printing will not disturb the printing on the second side.


500 Sheets in Each Pack

We assure that every standard pack contains 500 sheets of high quality paper.




Suggested Uses

Copies, Presentation, Graphics, Memos, Newsletters, Correspondence, Brochures etc



Suitable For

High Speed Copiers, Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, Plain Paper Faxes.




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